What is PeruBlu™?

Perublu gems Our product PeruBlu is created blue opal. Similar to a natural opal, which takes millions of years to form, PeruBlu undergoes manufacturing process for many months to become a high quality created gemstone. Manufactured in-house, PeruBlu has the distinction to be the first player in created Blue Opal category worldwide. PeruBlu is non- opalescent and imbibes the true person- ality of a high quality Peruvian Opal. Its Paraiba Blue shade is an eye catcher.

What does the name PeruBlu™ mean?

blue opal Single most attractive feature of PeruBlu is its dazzling Paraiba Blue shade. This shade captures the still depths of a mysterious ocean and the richness of colors on display. Peruvian Opals; as the name suggests; are found in Peru and are Blue in color. PeruBlu is a name inspired from both these essentials. The name brings out the two most important aspects of a top quality Peruvian Opal the place of origin and the stone's shade.